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University of Southern California Department of French and Italian Welcome to French 120! SPRING 2011 Instructor:______________________________ Email:_________________________ Office Hours______________________ Office:__________________ REQUIRED BOOK: Deux Mondes, 6 th GOALS : The goal of this course is to help you develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in French in a low stress, dynamic classroom. Lessons are conducted entirely in French in order to immerse you in the language. A further goal of the course is to increase your awareness of Francophone cultures as well as your own. A typical lesson will consist of comprehensible teacher presentations (using pictures, props, story telling, poetry, etc.), question and answer interactions, grammatical explanations, and communicative activities, often done in pairs or small groups. TIPS FOR SUCCESS : Relax and enjoy the progress you make everyday. Listen closely in the French-only classroom, but try not to worry if you do not understand every word or if other students seem more advanced. In a first year classroom, there are students of all backgrounds but the curriculum allows maximum success for all students if the following suggestions are followed: 1. DAILY ATTENDANCE : To succeed in a language classroom you must be present every day. If you miss class, you will fall rapidly behind. For this reason, we offer you grade credit for class attendance and participation. Grades for attendance are as follows: 100 (0 absences), 99 (1 absence); 97 (2 absences); 95 (3 absences.); 92 (4); 89 (5); 86 (6); 83 (7), 80 (8); 77 (9) etc. Only serious illness or emergencies (with verification) will be excused. Lack of attendance will also negatively influence your participation grade. 2. PARTICIPATION : Participate with enthusiasm and speak only French. This effort will help you make rapid progress in the acquisition of new language skills. You grade (10% of final grade) will be based on quantity (involvement, effort, positive attitude) as well as quality (fluency, accuracy, pronunciation) of participation. 3. HOMEWORK : . For maximal success, study and do assignments daily. Read book explanations (blue pages) and class notes before doing written homework or electronic workbook assignments. This will save time and effort. ALL HOMEWORK MUST ALSO BE TURNED IN ON TIME. No late homework will be accepted for credit. To get credit for your work, ALL electronic exercises must be completed daily ( or as assigned by instructor ). Although you may do (or repeat) electronic exercises at any time (for practice and learning), no credit will be given for exercises completed after the due date. Written exercises are also due the day after they are assigned
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34202-1 - University of Southern California Department of...

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