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Engineering Study Guide Define, describe, distinguish the majors not covered on the midterm: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science o Know the various subdivisions within the majors For example, our book (Chapter 2) identifies the different areas that majors can focus on. o Know potential industries and types of jobs within these fields You all should have some general ideas on this as well from the interview project Know and be able to define some general information about engineering industries as determined by your interview project Review the Engineering communication topics (presentation, plus Chapter 10 also has info though it was not assigned as reading) and be prepared to answer 2-3
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Unformatted text preview: short answer questions about this issue. • Review Chapter 11 on engineering ethics and be familiar with the four theories related to engineering ethics, the problem solving techniques for solving ethical dilemmas, and the NSPE Code of Ethics • There will several questions on the lab – some will be discussion oriented and others multiple choice o Potential topics: Voltage, current, resistance, series/parallel, Ohm’s Law, relays, programming topics o If you attended lab on a regular basis and worked on the project with your team on a regular basis, all of you should do fine on the lab questions...
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