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Final Exam Study Guide: Our final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15 th at 8 a.m. We will divide the class between RTH 109 and RTH 115 as we did for the midterm. The final exam will be similar to the midterm in style. The final will mostly cover information from the midterm forward. Material on the final will come from either our textbook, information posted on Blackboard, information presented in lab, assigned readings or labs. You should know the following: Define, describe, distinguish the majors not covered on the midterm: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science o Know the various subdivisions within the majors For example, our book (Chapter 2) identifies the different areas that majors can focus on. o Know potential industries and types of jobs within these fields You all should have some general ideas on this as well from the interview project Know and be able to define some general information about engineering industries as determined by your interview project
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