Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges - In order to stop this there would need...

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Aubree Yeiser Engineering 101 Assignment #1B 10 September 2009 Grand Challenges Nuclear terror is a constant threat that is not thought of on a regular basis. Although it is pointless to worry about things out of one’s control, the eminent hazard is a very interesting and intriguing topic to pursue. As stated in the article, “the possible immediate death of 300,000 people and the loss of thousands of square miles of land” is a feasible prospect. Nuclear terror is a very important issue and is something that needs to be watched. The problem with avoiding nuclear terror attacks is the relative availability of the reactive materials. It is a great feat to have all prospective nuclear material safe and under surveillance. There are nuclear power plants around the world that could technically be used for purposes other than what they are designed for.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to stop this there would need to be a monitor on every nuclear power plant determining whether or not the machine was doing what it was intended to do or serving another purpose. One of the most recent advances in nuclear terror is the testing of passive devices that will gather and send data regarding the power plants and what they are being used for. Given unlimited resources, I would send prototypes out to the main power plants and test whether or not they worked. Once successful, I would then have them distributed to every power plant. A passive device would be a mandatory piece of equipment for any operating power plant, this way all the data would be sent back and monitored. Although nuclear terror is a topic not easily understood, it is fascinating and something that would Yeiser 1 be very interesting to look into. 2...
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Grand Challenges - In order to stop this there would need...

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