Greek Awards 2011 Info Sheet

Greek Awards 2011 Info Sheet - GREEK AWARDS 2011 Hey guys!...

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GREEK AWARDS 2011 Hey guys! The 2011 Greek Awards are coming up soon and we want Kappa to win them all! The awards are based upon what Kappa was apart of in 2010, but as the new CC we are going to put them together. You’ll probably need to get information from your position the year prior, but it’s our job to but together the applications! The information for your award will be due SUNDAY JANUARY 23 (next CC meeting) so please please please make sure to bring your info! You don’t need to work on formatting or making it look pretty yet, but it would be awesome if we could have all of the information complied! The applications are all pretty self-explanatory, but basically we are just showing everyone that Kappa really is the best!!! Thanks guys!! Aubree
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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GREEK AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE PACKET 2010 PURPOSE: This packet has been prepared to aid you in applying for the 2010 Greek Awards to be presented in April, 2011. The sections ask you to report on the many activities and programs that your chapter has completed during the period of January 1-December 31, 2010 . We hope that in the process of recording your chapter achievements, you will reflect on the leadership direction and programs of your chapter in order to plan for stronger chapter operations in the coming years. The questions and headings are intended to serve as a guide, as a reminder of
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Greek Awards 2011 Info Sheet - GREEK AWARDS 2011 Hey guys!...

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