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Pride and Prejudice Ch. 1-4

Pride and Prejudice Ch. 1-4 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs...

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Aubree Yeiser Mrs. Littlefield English IV, Period 1 2 March 2009 Pride and Prejudice : Chapters 1-4 Think and Discuss Questions 1) Mrs. Bennet is delighted that the Netherfield House has been rented out because she has heard that a young and wealthy man is the one moving in. Mrs. Bennet has five unmarried daughters, so hearing that there is a new eligible bachelor in town is very exciting news. 2) Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy make quite opposite impressions at the ball. Although with looks, Mr. Bingley pales in comparison to Mr. Darcy, the guests soon find that Mr. Bingley’s relatively handsome persona is much more favorable than Mr. Darcy’s arrogant and immensely attractive cold exterior. Mr. Bingley is looked upon as a competition for affection and hopefully marriage, while Mr. Darcy is quickly cast aside and considered an unwanted and untouchable snob. 3) Mrs. Bennet is a rather beautiful woman with five daughters and a loving husband. However, she seems to be rather slow, or maybe just unwilling to listen, because she doesn’t catch on to her husband’s charade about not wanting to meet Mr. Bingley. She also seems to be very interested in gossip, however not necessarily the outspoken main gossip of the town.
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