Pride and Prejudice Ch. 15-23

Pride and Prejudice Ch. 15-23 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs...

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Aubree Yeiser Mrs. Littlefield English IV, Period 1 9 March 2009 Pride and Prejudice : Chapters 15-23 Think and Discuss Questions 1) Mr. Collins ultimately visits Meryton in order to spend more time with the girls, specifically Elizabeth. He also preferred walking in Meryton to reading with Mr. Bennet. 2) Mr. Wickham portrays Mr. Darcy as a despicable man who essentially swindled Mr. Wickham out of an inheritance that was rightfully his. He talks highly of Mr. Darcy’s father, but provides no positive feedback for Elizabeth’s questions of Mr. Darcy and their relations. 3) Jane thinks that Wickham is most likely telling a very biased and twisted opinion of Mr. Darcy, because she does not think that Mr. Bingley would have such a poor judge of character. Jane stands up for both parties and does not take either’s side, however her affections for Mr. Bingley lean her toward Mr. Darcy being a kindly and misrepresented man. 4) Elizabeth has no intentions of marrying Mr. Collins, and therefore she politely turns him down. However, Mr. Collins does not listen to her refusal and takes it as a flattering gesture that she wishes for him to propose to her a second time in order for her to accept. Elizabeth is forced to repeat herself in denying him many times, however he doesn’t fully Yeiser 1
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take her refusal and still thinks so highly of himself that he would never be turned down. 5) Charlotte Lucas marries Mr. Collins simply because he possesses a small
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Pride and Prejudice Ch. 15-23 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs...

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