Pride and Prejudice Ch. 34-42

Pride and Prejudice Ch. 34-42 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs....

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Mrs. Littlefield English IV, Period 1 16 March 2009 Pride and Prejudice : Chapters 34-42 Think and Discuss Questions 1) Elizabeth immediately turns Mr. Darcy down. However, not only does she deny his proposal, she also continues to tell him everything he has done wrong in life, including his actions toward poor Mr. Wickham and the fact that her sisters unhappiness is his fault. 2) Darcy’s letter informs Elizabeth that he took Mr. Bingley away from Jane because he believed that her affections toward him were not nearly as strong as his for her, and that his friend would be unable to see this because of his distracting admiration for her. He also told Elizabeth the true story of Mr. Wickham and how Mr. Wickham was well provided for, however this ceased promptly after he abused Mr. Darcy’s generosity. 3) The militia staying in town leave for Brighton shortly after Elizabeth returns to Longbourn, and this depresses Elizabeth’s younger sisters. 4) It is foreshadowed that Elizabeth and the Gardiner’s will visit Pemberly and most likely run into Mr. Darcy. This is because of the fact that the trip has been cut short, therefore the company will not be traveling as far and staying longer in the closer places, such as Mr. Darcy’s hometown. Yeiser 1
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Pride and Prejudice Ch. 34-42 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs....

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