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Pride and Prejudice Ch. 43-52

Pride and Prejudice Ch. 43-52 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs...

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Aubree Yeiser Mrs. Littlefield English IV, Period 1 19 March 2009 Pride and Prejudice : Chapters 43-52 Think and Discuss Questions 1) When Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle visit Pemberly, Mr. Darcy unexpectedly shows up. Elizabeth had been told he would not be home until the next day, however he walked up in the middle of their tour of his estate. 2) Elizabeth receives a letter from Jane informing her that Lydia has run off with Mr. Wickham and is possibly planning to go to Scotland. Lydia’s actions are unheard of and immensely embarrassing for the family, and therefore Jane and the Gardiners must hurriedly return to Longbourn in order to help the family cope and find Lydia. 3) The Bennets fear that Mr. Wickham does not love Lydia by any means or have any intentions on marrying her. This is utterly disgraceful for a young lady to run off with a man, alone and unmarried. 4) Elizabeth soon realizes that she truly has feelings for Darcy, however she believes her discovery to be too late to mean anything. Although in her day dreams she seems to fancy living at Pemberly with him and attending to his house, however ultimately she believes all hope is lost. Yeiser 1
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5) Mrs. Gardiner’s letter reveals that it was not Elizabeth’s uncle who should be attributed the praise for Lydia’s semi-restored honor, but Mr. Darcy. Darcy was the one who found Wickham and talked him into marrying Lydia, as well as providing the funds for making Wickham’s demands. 6) Elizabeth’s opinion of Mr. Darcy is completely reversed upon
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Pride and Prejudice Ch. 43-52 - Yeiser 1 Aubree Yeiser Mrs...

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