column buckling (week 4)

column buckling (week 4) - Experiment 3 Column Buckling...

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Experiment 3 Column Buckling Alex Fidalgo Stevens Institute of Technology 9/29/10 Design Laboratory III E-231 Section J Group 2 I pledge my honor that I have abided by the Stevens Honor System._______________________ Objective: The purposes of this experiment were to introduce and familiarize students with the theory and applications of column buckling, and compare the data collected to theoretical values. This comparison analyzed how laboratory testing and theory compare to real world examples. It was hypothesized that the material, length, and cross-sectional area would affect critical buckling loads and deflection. Procedure: 1. Connect the buckling apparatus to the electronics interface board by plugging in the connector. (Do not force the pins!) 2. Connect the RS232 cable from the interface to a laptop.
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3. Attach the end inserts to the appropriate column. Then install the lower end insert into the lower supporting plate of the apparatus. Loosen the fixed plate and upper supporting plate, and slide them upward in order to allow the column to fit. Slide the upper support down so the upper insert is in the support hole. Move the fixed plate down and tighten all bolts. Lock the safety plate in the middle of the column being tested. 4.
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column buckling (week 4) - Experiment 3 Column Buckling...

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