static friction (week 3)

static friction (week 3) - Week 3 Static Friction...

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Week 3 Static Friction Experiment Alex Fidalgo Stevens Institute of Technology 9/22/10 Design Laboratory III E-231 Section J Group 2 I pledge my honor that I have abided by the Stevens Honor System. _______________________ Objective: This purpose of this experiment was to introduce the concept of static friction. This experiment also focused on statistical analysis of a data set, and tested to see if the coefficient of static friction changes according to surface area and mass. Procedure: 1. Use alcohol and paper towels to thoroughly clean all of the testing materials. This includes the surfaces of the blocks and guide rail. This will reduce any unwanted friction between the surfaces. 2. Place the block with the wide aluminum surface facing down on the edge of the rail.
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3. Slowly raise the end of the guide rail (the end with the block on it) until the block slips in order to see the point where the static friction is overcome by the downward force. 4. Measure and record the height of the guard rail where the block slid down the guide rail in order to calculate the angle the guard rail made with the table. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 for eight trials.
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static friction (week 3) - Week 3 Static Friction...

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