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Leo Tolstoy: A Confession 1. Russian aristocrat, born in 1828 2. Dropped out of university and joined the army 3. Became one of the most celebrated authors in Europe ( War and Peace, Anna Karenina ) 4. In later life a devout Christina, an anarchist and a pacifist; influenced Ghandi 5. Died in 1910, days after leaving his family and wealth for the life of a wandering hermit Tolstoy’s Mid-life Crisis 1. Perplexity and paralysis: What’s it all for? 2. The trust about life is. ..Nihilism? Life is meaningless, and there is nothing worth living for 1. life is a cruel joke, we are all here looking for something that doesn’t exist 3. The consensus of the wise? Solomon, Buddha, Socrates, Schopenhauer 4. “All is in vain” 1. Vanity: valuing something for more than it is wroth 2. “all” means what? 1. wealth, fame, wisdom(Tolstoy believes it is problematic because it makes you more aware of the true nature of existence) In short, all human accomplishments 3. Why is All in Vain? 1.
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