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Ariana Wall Writing 140: Section 64415 Dr. Jeffery Chisum September 30, 2009 Assignment #2 Shattering a Perfected Image: The Emotional Collapse of Mary-Kate Olsen Imagine having a recognizable, famous face before being able to talk, owning and produ- cing a film company before first grade, and creating a billion dollar merchandise empire before driving a car. Imagine the anomalous and fast-paced life of twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who have been at the center of the media spotlight and entertainment moguls since infancy. Starting their career before the age of one, these twins have known nothing but life in the lime- light. Because their careers began at such an innocent age, the Olsen twins were expected to maintain the same undeviating image of wholesomeness and vivacity throughout their entire ca- reer. Each home dance video, each backpack with their silk-screened faces on it, each musical lyric characterized an image of flawlessness that would be nearly impossible to maintain; however, these girls were expected to do so. With such a high standard of expectations perpetu- ally set for the Olsen twins, America never witnessed or envisioned anything but perfection from these two. Watching these two girls grow up living a life one can only dream of, the media and America became instantly shocked and riveted when Mary-Kate Olsen revealed she had entered rehab moments before her eighteenth birthday struggling with anorexia ( Kelley-Soderholm 1) . Her battle with the eating disorder became an instant obsession of the media, which exposed a shattering and ludicrously opposite idea that her “dream life” may actually have produced detri- mental effects. When Mary-Kate Olsen’s fantasy life growing up in the limelight inevitably presented itself as the root cause of her emotionally-driven and devastating eating disorder, in-
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stantly flawed became the American Dream that fame and fortune are the quintessential and im- mediate solutions to all problems because for her, they were the source of devastation. The media spotlight surrounded Mary-Kate Olsen from the age of nine months, when she was first placed in front of the camera playing an infant, Michelle Tanner, on the 90s sitcom Full House. Even at such a young age producers recall Mary-Kate acting in most of the scenes, rather than her sister Ashley who was camera shy at the time, because of Mary-Kate’s natural approach in front of the camera (Mary-Kate Olsen 1). At the age of six, the twins were named the official producers of Dualstar Entertainment company which comprised all of their home video collec- tions and movies, which made them the youngest producers in history (Biography 1). A clothing
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arianawa.A2.140 - Ariana Wall Writing 140 Section 64415 Dr...

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