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Ariana Wall Writing 140: Section 64415 Dr. Jeffrey Chisum October 31, 2009 Assignment #4 Twisted Perceptions: The Media’s Portrayal of the City of Angels “The whole place seemed to have been stricken with a kind of creeping paralysis - out of beat with the rest of the world, crumbling apart in slow motion.” -Sunset Boulevard, 1950 A massive, death-defying eruption. Explosions leading to the dramatic demise of man- kind. The absolute finale of life as we know it: the Apocalypse. These horrifying phrases com- prise the images conjured up in one’s mind with the association of that word. The apocalypse usually connotes a dramatic end to all humanity through an instant, volatile explosion; however, the actual apocalypse of mankind may be a much more subtle event. This destruction may have begun with the creation of Hollywood--a lifestyle and town based predominantly on manipula- tion and artificiality. Such an understated and gradual destruction may go unnoticed for a long time, but in turn lead to an even more damaging and consequential devastation due to such an unexpected collapse. An apocalypse of Los Angeles will stem from the “destruction of the rul- ing powers of evil”--with this evil power being the media and its portrayal of Hollywood (Apo- calypse dictionary). In reviewing the media and its presentations of false impressions of Los Angeles, one can begin to understand how its destruction would lead to the apocalypse of this town. Los Angeles is a town with a weak backbone ready to collapse with one crack; the lack of solid foundation based on morals and righteousness leaves it vulnerable. Due to its competitive and contrived nature, Los Angeles has been represented as a town destined for disaster. The reas-
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on the citizens of Los Angeles put such an effort forth in creating a falsified image is so they can hide from their fear of the dangers lying just below the surface of this town. By creating this façade of perfection through the media, Los Angeles has been able to mask the constant worry of a looming disastrous future. The apocalyptic nature surrounding Los Angeles stems from the feigned media portrayal of this town: although conveyed as a city of pure dreams and perfection, without genuine morals at the root of the city, the thought of an inevitable destruction will al- ways linger. The history and people of Los Angeles have created a town based primarily on an obses- sion with artificialities stressing the value of beauty, fame, and fortune above all else, thus creat- ing a facade that is often perceived as true by the general public. Such an overexposed town based around the media is destined for scrutiny, which has placed such pressure on the icons of Los Angeles to constantly portray this image of “perfection”. The residents of LA have come to value the looks of youth, emphasizing the importance of plastic surgery to reverse the effects of time, of tanning salons to artificially enhance the appearance of having basked in the southern
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arianawa.A4.140 - Ariana Wall Writing 140: Section 64415...

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