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Crisis of a Planet notes - Origin of the Universe, the...

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Unformatted text preview: Origin of the Universe, the Earth, and Life 24/08/2010 12:06:00 ← Review • The earth • How an active planet affects us: earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and floods • How we affect the planet: global warming, acid rain, the ozone hole, groundwater pollution/depletion, depletion of mineral and energy resources and soils • An evolving planet- it has always been undergoing change, t dates from 4.7 billion years. 2 million yrs ago it entered an ice age, now warming for 10,000 yrs and but greatly accelerated in the last century • We live circling a young star, our solar system, part of a galaxy, part of a universe of which the number of galaxies number in the billions ← Origin of the Universe, the Earth, and Life • Melvin Slipher 1914 o Discovered 12 galaxies beyond the milky way o All showed the “red shift a Doppler effect indication all were speeding away The light is usually white but it was red which means they are moving away • Einstein vs. de Sitter o Einstein He didn’t like that everything was speeding away 1917 he was developing theory of relativity, an equation with a beginning? Problem section o de sitter 1917 corrects Einstein’s models….a beginning of time? • Edwin Hubble o 1927 as a grad student confirms sliphers observations to include 39 glazies al moving away from each other and with the most distant at the greatest velocity the further away they were the faster they were moving they all come back to the same point at the same time → big bang theory o hubble telescope today can use this to go to really far places with no galaxies, or light and we are able to the imagines from hubble…14 billion light years away…the first light of the heavens • Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson o At bell labs in New Jersey 1965 o Discovered the earth is bathed in cosmic microwave background radiation that comes from everywhere, confirming the Big bang theory • The Big Bang theory o All starts with hydrogen, you cant keep 2 bodies apart bc of gravity o Earth: silicon and oxygen based with metallic core o Sun: hydrogen and helium, surface temp: 10,000 f; sun • Distribution of matter in the universe o Uneven…all matter on edges of curved surfaces (bubbles) with great voids btw → all expanding • Our galaxy: the milky way o We are part way o We are 30,000 light years away from the center, a dark hole • Birth of a star o Coming together of hydrogen and fusion Fueled by hydrogen starts with a nebular cloud then come together with gravitational attraction, it begins to spin which creates...
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Crisis of a Planet notes - Origin of the Universe, the...

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