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law test 4 study guide - Offenses against public justice...

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Offenses against public justice perjury willfully and corruptly (purpose) make a false oath (lie) about a material fact (important issue-- a witness lies about age 69 and 74 are both old so not a material fact) in a a pro- ceeding where testimony is given (someone swears in) before a person authorized to administer oaths merely conflicting statements may not be perjury (mis-memory) subornation of perjury get someone else to commit perjury bribery gift offered to public official with intent to influence an act, decision or judgement that is within public persons official capacity obstruction of justice interference with an officer while he is making an arrest or while he is serving pro- cesses (sopenas) usually comes up in domestic violence matters intimidation of court officials using threat or force to intimidate or impede a judge, juror, witness (court official) from his of his duties compounding a crime if a person knows of a crime and takes money or reward to agree to prosecute or NOT prosecute that crime innocent people get caught up in this example- agree not to call police because kid shoplifts and take payment because parents will take care of punishment aiding or permitting escapes aiding or permitting a person to escape from lawful custody escape does not have to be successful or even attempted slander (oral) and libel (written)-- separate crimes false and defamatory statements made by another (lie) publication of that statement (making public) with malicious intent (purpose) the victim’s reputation or character is in- jured cannot go around lying about people statements: saying things for public ridicule for other people public hatred- “he has AIDS”,dishonesty, insanity, intoxication taking about drugs use (crackheads) immorality (whore) if its true then you are allowed to say political statements have a lot more room they know they are in the public eye, have some rights but its their choice placing burning flags/crosses KKK cannot place burning flag or cross in public place or another persons land unless you have permission from land owner or...
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can do it on your own land wearing masks a person over 16 cannot appear on street or public property wearing a mask that con- ceals his/her identity exceptions traditional holiday costumes necessary to employment theater or mascarade ball gas masks in drill or emergency resisting unlawful arrest cannot resist lawful arrest if unlawful arrest then a suspect can resist to the point of killing the officer-- technically
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