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Intermediate Modern Chinese 6A Spring 2010 This course is designed for students who already have quit good listening and speaking skills in Chinese but need to improve their reading and writing and listening skills. By the end of this quarter, students are expected to learn about over 800 new words, be able to read short news, write formal articles, presents your viewpoints on various topics with the new words learned and also improve their listening skill through listening materials from TV news, programs, etc. Instructor Yuwen Yao (Yao laoshi) /Email: [email protected] Office 355 Royce / TEL: (310) 267-4659 Office Hours Tue & Wed 11:00-11:50 Lecture & Room Tue & Thu 9:30-10:45 Royce Discussion 1 & Room Mon & Wed 9:00-9:50 Royce 154 Discussion 2 & Room Mon & Wed 10:00 – 10:50 PUB AFF 1337 * Vice Chair: Professor Dutton, George, [email protected], Phone: 310-825-6363, 248-A Royce * Chinese Coordinator: Professor Hongyin Tao, [email protected] , 310-206-6872, 280-B Royce TEXT (available online) Beyond the Basics by Jianhua Bai, Juyu Sung and Janet Zhiqun Xing. Cheng and Tsui Company, second edition 2009. GRADING 1. Participation: 5% and Effort: 5% Take this class seriously, and take the initiative to participate in class activities. Your score will be determined by your attentiveness, finishing in-class assignments, asking or answering questions, etc. 2. Homework (exercises and essays): 20% Homework must be handed in at the beginning of class every Monday. Homework must be turned in on the due date according to the teaching schedule. It can be turned in two days late, but 10 points of your grade will be deducted. No late work will be accepted unless you have a legitimate reason.
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3. Quizzes: 15%
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Microsoft_Word_-_Intermediate_Modern_Chinese_6A-10 -...

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