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StudyGuidePsy100Fall2009Final - HPA and stress drug...

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Psychology 100 Fall 2009 Madigan STUDY GUIDE FOR FINAL FALL 2009 50 multiple choice questions, seven short answer @ 7.1 pts each SOCIAL INFLUENCE, COGNITIONlllllllll777888888000000000 0 generalized anxiety disorder person bias brain and schizophrenia attribution bias OCD symptoms actor-observer discrepancy phobia helping & non-helping MZ concordance for schizophrenia cognitive dissonance principles sleep and depression persuasion tactics neurochemicals and schizophrenia factors enhancing obedience family, genes, schizophrenia factors reducing obedience bipolar disorder insufficient justification types of mood disorders normative & informational influences THERAPIES DISORDERS cognitive therapies
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Unformatted text preview: HPA and stress drug effectiveness changes in the DSM tranquilizer & brain DSM axes ECT effects borderline personality disorder psychosurgery effects diagnostic procedures depression psychotherapy linkage analysis exposure treatments-supportive therapies SHORT ANSWER TOPICS stress-diathesis model stress-diathesis model srevalence estimates biology of schizophrenia sociopathy theory problems with the DSM silliams' syndrome bipolar disorder and mood disorder Specificity therapy evaluation Sensitivity exposure treatments ADHD common factors and therapy sex differences in disorder prevalence explaining attitude change...
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