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Psych notes December 10 th 11am is our final! December 3 rd – 3 rd paper due! Abnormal psychology: statistical infrequentcy – rare ex.) IQ - above (140) and below deviation from social norms Different levels of social norms: westernized society U.S. California Los Angeles What is ok in a different society may not be ok here – very subjective Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Categorizes mental disorders Reliability Consistent over time
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Unformatted text preview: Symptoms vs. Syndromes Symptoms: Hallucination Convulsions Feelings Syndromes: cold & flu Axis 1 2 3 I. Acute disorders a. Major depression, anxiety II. Personality & mental retardation a. Down syndrome b. Alzheimers III. physical ICD & medical IV.Psychosocial and Environment factors a. Going through a divorce; legal issues V. GAF Global Assessment of Functioning Score a. Global functioning rating...
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