Learning and Memory Notes

Learning and Memory Notes - have his ribbon taken away so...

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Penalty Conditions 9 year old Jim bangs his chin into his shoulders people giving him attention when he does this reinforces such behavior positive reinforcement, reward situation penalty condition Grammar situation Time out = the loss of some activity that you find reinforcing A few minutes is enough for an effective timeout Extensive timeouts are not very affective 4 year old sam destroys everything in house puts him on time out for two minutes if he gets out of the chair, two minutes starts over once time out is done, give instruction of how to conduct themselves appropriately exclusionary ex. Go to your room removed from the physical situation non-exclusionary ex. Children in classroom wearing ribbon will receive a reward, only john will
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Unformatted text preview: have his ribbon taken away so he will miss the reward, john not removed from the situation Extinction 9 year old Laura vomits deliberately on target and hits her target extinction procedure: let her vomit and don’t clean up her mess or pay any attention to her remove the reinforcing concept 9/20 for Quiz 4 process vs product task analysis response dimensions topography – the movement itself, how the limb is actually moving latency – how quickly you do the behavior force – of a particular behavior duration – of a particular behavior response differentiation response induction differential reinforcement...
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Learning and Memory Notes - have his ribbon taken away so...

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