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Ashley Edman SWMS 210 Home for the Holidays Extra Credit In the film, Home for the Holidays (1995), amidst the family drama and romantic attempts, one can witness the gender roles that occur during this family’s Thanksgiving in regards of the divisions of labor that happen. Personally, one of my favorite scenes that showed the split gender roles in the movie was when all the men are sitting in the living room together quietly. One man suggests that they go in and help and Charlie loudly objects and energetically says; “No! They don’t want us to.” In other words, the men stay sitting in the room as they know that the women do not want their interference in the kitchen as they will probably only cause distractions. The next scene is all of the women scurrying around in the kitchen making sure everything is ready to go. They only allow the men to assist in the kitchen when they need the heavy turkeys carried into the dining room. The men are only considered useful to the women when they are needed to do a
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