terms for gov - Articles of confederation- the first...

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Articles of confederation- the first written constitution, could declare war, regulate trade, borrow and coin money, Due process- right of every citizen to be protected from arbitrary actions of the government Commerce clause- government regulated commerce and trade between states and Indian tribes Dual federalism- most fundamental governmental powers were shared between the state and federal government McCulloch vs Madison-invoked the necessary and proper clause, allows federal gov’t to pass laws not expressed in the constitution Separate but equal –doctrine that public accommodations can be separated by race but still equal Cooperative federalism- grants in aid have been used to encourage state and localities to reach nationally defined goals Right to privacy- right to be left alone, which interpreted by supreme court is abortion and brith control Montesquie- political thinker, theory of separation of powers Selective incorporation-process where different protections of the bill of rights were incorporated into the 14 th amendment, thus protecting people from state and national gov’t Marbury vs. Madison- judicial review, supreme court can declare acts unconstitutional, congress had no authority to redistribute or add to the court’s original jurisdiction Plessy vs ferguson separate but equal….but brown vs board of education override that right saying it
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terms for gov - Articles of confederation- the first...

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