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11/16/10 NOTES FOR CONSUMER -Interactivity -advertising moves beyond a single direction -blurring of distinctions between producer and consumer -increased emphasis on the activity of the audience -2 approaches:- Branding development (creativity, imagination) ie, commercials, as campaigns -Direct, interactive marketing (sales, revenue) ie coupons, HSN, catalog, infomercials These increasingly merge, and become less able to separate Interactivity: -Product placement -user-generated content & interaction -Guerilla, stealth, peer to peer, viral -affective & neuromarketing -Social networking Why interactivity? -Rise of the youth market -Savvy consumers, anti-consumerism, the anti-ad -Create “stickiness” Technology shifts -audience take control of their own attention: -timeshifting -distraction -ad skipping Product placement: -integrate branding & marketing to existing pursuits -concurrent, not interrupted, entertainment -create meaning at the site or venue CARNATION MILK PRESENT. . TV economics
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111610 consumer - NOTES FOR...

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