Astro Chapter 1 Notes

Astro Chapter 1 Notes - Astronomy Chapter 1 Notes...

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Astronomy Chapter 1 Notes Scientific Method- scientists use to explore the physical reality based on observation, logic and skepticism; it requires that our ideas about the world around us be consistent with what we actually observe. Hypothesis- a collection of ideas that seem to explain what is observed, and it must ALWAYS agree with existing observations and experiments or else the hypothesis is wrong Models – are hypotheses that have withstood observational or experimental tests. It tells us about the properties and behavior of some object or phenomenon. A well-developed model used math. EXAMPLE : A sun’s interior should describe what the values of temperature, pressure and density are at each depth within the Sun. Theory- a body of related hypotheses can be pieced together into a self-consisted description of nature -If predictions are not verified, the theory needs to be modified or replaced Solar System – the star we call our Sun and all the celestial bodies that orbit the Sun- including the Earth, the other 8 planets, all their various moons, and smaller bodies such as asteroids and comets
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Astro Chapter 1 Notes - Astronomy Chapter 1 Notes...

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