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Unit 4 DB Curt Jackson 01/25/2011 There are many different definitions for the word import. The one that stands out to me that I know is to bring something into a place or country from another country. This happens with millions of items all around the world. There are also many different definitions for the word export. The one that stands out to me that I know is to ship items to another country for sale, exchange, etc. The company that I have chosen is Vistakon (Division of Johnson & Johnson Company) the main headquarters for the company is located in Jacksonville, FL they manufacture contact lenses their products are imported and exported all around the world.
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Unformatted text preview: Vistakon makes ACUVUE® brand contact lenses for people in over 70 countries worldwide. The contacts are shipped all over the world and Wal-Mart has recognized Vistakon as a perfect vendor for having 100% in-stock consistently for the past three years. The contacts have a shelf life of five years so consumers do not have to worry about them expiring. This helps as they are shipped around the world and the time to travel could take months. References Vistakon Division of Johnson & Johnson Retrieved on January 25, 2011 from: http://www.jnjvisioncare.com/en_US/acuvue-products.jsp...
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