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NTRN 201: EXAM I STUDY GUIDE Chapters 1-6 Spring 2010 (80 questions) Nutrition and its influence on the occurrence of various diseases What are the energy yielding nutrients? Nutrient Density – define it How to evaluate nutrition fact from fiction Alcohol: nutrient or toxin? Essential vs. non-essential nutrients -define Enriched and fortified foods How to calculate calories from carbohydrate, protein, and fat Moderation in eating Define Appetite vs. Hunger What is an R.D.? What is the RDA? DRI? UL? How are they used? Difference between the RDA established for nutrients and energy requirements MyPyramid, servings recommended for each food group How to read a food label; % daily values; health claims How to calculate the % of calories from fat on a food label Benefits/Drawbacks to the MyPyramid guide Daily Values Healthy People 2010 ’s purpose Purpose of the Exchange List system Dietary Guidelines for Americans - purpose Digestive organs and their functions Foods that contain carbohydrate
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