My guide to success at Axia College

My guide to success at Axia College - My guide to success...

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Unformatted text preview: My guide to success at Axia College By: Mary e. Spurlin Int roduction Going to college can be a very stressful time in your life. For many, attending an online university seems daunting and possibly even frightening. However, by creating and following a survival guide it doesn’t have to be! Through understanding the use of educational resources, knowing how to avoid academic dishonesty, setting goals and managing time, sharpening reading skills, and using personality traits to succeed anyone can enjoy the online education experience. Using Axia College Educational Resources The first way to take some of the frustration and stress out of going to college online is to know how to take advantage of the available educational resources. Downloading files and using them on a variety of portable devices is one of the newest ways to learn any time, any where. Many programs provided on most laptops allow everything you need to complete assignments to be completed almost any where you go. Making sure you have programs, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader, can allow any file to be viewed and completed. Most assignments are downloaded to a computer and then you can go through and use them to learn and submit your assignments. Many classes also provide listening to material versus reading it as an option. Most sound bites and videos are downloaded through Windows Media Player to a computer or laptop. Since those files are also MP3 files, they can be transferred to portable music players, such as IPods and heard on the go. These options allow any student the time they need to complete assignments and projects even if they are on vacation or stuck in heavy traffic. The University Library is a great resource to use for most assignments. It is also very easy to navigate and understand. Logging into the library is as simple as looking to the top of the home screen and clicking the icon. Once in the library you can search the archives or go to the Center for Writing or Mathematics Excellence. The CWE or CME are very helpful to review mathematical and grammatical tips, generator a strong thesis or reference lists, receive tutoring, and check for plagiarism. Clicking the University Library logo will allow students to use the multiple search engines it provides to find articles and periodicals on any subject. For example, going under the Article Database icon you can type in a subject and then review articles pertaining to the topic. If you are looking up problems in modern education, after putting into the keyword box and clicking search, a list of archived material will appear to be reviewed. Sometimes finding the articles is the easiest part and not knowing how to find the right information can feel overwhelming. Once the article in question is located, read the introductory paragraph because it is the best indicator of the level of usefulness the article will be to you. If you have decided the article is acceptable, go through and look for bolded headings and bulleted information. It is another easy way to find information for bolded headings and bulleted information....
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My guide to success at Axia College - My guide to success...

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