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Notes 12-3-09 - 1 2 3 Math Physics Warm Up 1. How much...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 2 3 Math Physics Warm Up 1. How much gravitational potential energy (GPE) does a 16 pound (7.3 kg) bowling ball have if it is 1 meter above the ground? Use the ground as the reference level for zero GPE. 2. How much kinetic energy (KE) will this same ball have when it reaches the ground (assuming it’s dropped from rest)? 3. How fast will the bowling ball be moving just before it hits the ground? 4 Math Physics Work & Energy Warmup A balloon car has a thrust force (due to the air molecules in the balloon) of 0.5 Newtons. The thrust force acts on the car over a distance of 3.0 meters. a) How much work does the thrust force do on the balloon car over the 3.0 meters? b) How much kinetic energy does the balloon car have at the 3.0 meter mark assuming that the car started at rest? c) Now the balloon car coasts down the hall until it comes to rest. How much work does the friction force do on the balloon car during this coasting phase? 5 6 7 Piggy Bank Economics 8 9 10 11 12 ...
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