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ICW Jordann - To Dr Frank Jiang COMM 4351 From Jordann Kaye...

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To: Dr. Frank Jiang, COMM 4351 From: Jordann Kaye, B00482374 Case: Levi’s Personal Pair Proposal Date: October 25 th , 2010 Issues: Levi Strauss must make a very important strategic decision in the future. The issue that must be decided is how to best continue with their current competitive strategy and maintain their position as the largest source of blue jeans in the world. Levi Strauss has built their organization on the concept of a premium jean for a premium price, and this strategy has served them well in the past. The company cannot ignore market trend shifts, however, and the trend toward mass customization for low prices is too powerful to ignore. Levi Strauss must decide whether to continue making premium jeans, or to join the ranks other denim companies such as Wrangler in a low cost price war for market share. The company has at least some reason to change their winning strategy: growth has slowed in recent years, with a most concerning drop in the last year of 35 percent.
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