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References Gould, M. (2008). Entrepreneurship and venture initiation. Research Starters Academic Topic Overviews , 1 (1), 1-7. Hall, R. E., & Woodward, S. E. (2010). The burden of nondiversifiable risk of entrepreneurship. American Economic Review , 100 (3), 1163-1194. Krueger, N. F. (2007, January 1). What lies beneath? The experiential essence of entrepreneurial thinking. - . Retrieved October 1, 2010, from
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Unformatted text preview: Landrum, G. (Director) (2010, September 30). Principles of Entrepreneurship. Marketing Management . Lecture conducted from Hodges University, Naples. Profile of an Entrepreneur - BusinessTown. (n.d.). Starting a Small Business - BusinessTown Small Business Assistance . Retrieved October 1, 2010, from http:// APA formatting by
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