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Bibliography for Untitled @ 10_22_10, 06_34PM

Bibliography for Untitled @ 10_22_10, 06_34PM - strategic...

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References Hutt, M. D., & Speh, T. W. (2009). Business Marketing Management: B2B (10 ed.). Cincinnati: South Western Educational Publishing. Ryals, L. (2006). Profitable relationships with key customers: how suppliers manage pricing and customer risk. Journal of Strategic Marketing , 14 (1), 101-113. Sausen, K., Tomczak, T., & Herrmann, A. (2005). Development of a taxonomy of a
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Unformatted text preview: strategic market segmentation: a framework for bridging the implementation gap between normative segmentation and business practice. Journal of Strategic Marketing , 13 (1), 151-173. APA formatting by BibMe.org....
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