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Bibliography for Untitled @ 10_29_10, 10_05PM

Bibliography for Untitled @ 10_29_10, 10_05PM - finance...

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References Chen, Y., Li, X., & MacKie-Mason, J. K. (2006). Online fund-raising mechanisms: a field experiment. Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy , 5 (2), 1-43. Landrum, G. (Director) (2010, October 29). Funding New Start Up Ventures - Seed Money. Online Power Point . Lecture conducted from Hodges University, Naples. Goel, R. K., & Hasan, I. (2004). Funding new ventures: some strategies for raising early
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Unformatted text preview: finance. Applied Financial Economics , 14 , 773-778. List, J. A., & Lucking-Reiley, D. (2002). The effects of seed money and refunds on charitable giving: experimental evidence from a university capital campaign. Journal of Political Economy , 110 (1), 215-234. APA formatting by BibMe.org....
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