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References Chang, K., Chen, M., Hsu, C., & Kuo, N. (2010). The effect of service convenience on post-purchasing behaviors. industrial Management and Data Systems , 110 (9), 1420-1434. Etemad, H., Wilkinson, I., & Dana, L. P. (2010). Internetization as the necessary condition for the internationalization in the newly emerging economy. Journal of International Entrepreneurship , 8 (4), 319-330. Hutt, M. D., & Speh, T. W. (2009). Business marketing management (10. ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western ;. Moriarty, R. T., & Moran, U. (1990). Managing hybrid marketing systems. Harvard Business Review , November-December , 146-155. Myung, E., Li, L., & Bai, B. (2009). Managing the distribution channel relationship with
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Unformatted text preview: e-wholesalers: hotel operators' perspective. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management , 18 (8), 811-828. Siems, F. (2009). Extending the life event cycle to relationship marketing: new implications for products and services. International Journal of Business Research , 10 (2), 81-96. Wu, H., Lin, C., Li, C., & Lin, H. (2010). A study of bank customers' perceived usefulness of adopting online banking. Global Journal of Business Research , 4 (3), 101-108. Zhang, H., Shu, C., Jiang, X., & Malter, A. J. (2010). Managing knowledge for innovation:the role of cooperation, competition, and alliance nationality. Journal of International Marketing , 18 (4), 74-94. APA formatting by
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Bibliography for Untitled @ 11_19_10, 11_58AM -...

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