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References Avolio, B. (2007). Promoting more integrative strategies for leadership theory-building. American Psychologist , 62 (1), 25-33. Grant, A., & Sumanth, J. (2009). Mission possible? the performance of prosocially motivated employees depends on manager trustworthiness. Journal of Applied Psychology , 94 (4), 927-944. Harms, P., & Crede, M. (2010). Emotional intelligence and transformational and
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Unformatted text preview: transactional leadership: a meta-analysis. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies , 17 (1), 13-27. Vroom, V., & Jago, A. (2007). The role of the situation in leadership. American Psychologist , 62 (1), 17-24. Yukl, G. (2009). Leadership in Organizations (7th Edition) (7 ed.). Alexandria, VA: Prentice Hall. APA formatting by
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