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References Chiaburu, D. (2005). The effects of instrumentality on the relationship between goal orientation and leader-member exchange. Journal of Social Psychology , 145 (3), 365-367. Colbert, A., & Witt, L. A. (2009). The role of goal-focused leadership in enabling the expression of conscientiousness. Journal of Applied Psychology , 94 (3), 790-796. Highhouse, S., Zickar, M., & Yankelevich, M. (2010). Would you work if you won the
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Unformatted text preview: lottery? tracking changes in the American work ethic. Journal of Applied Psychology , 95 (2), 349-357. Lau, C. (2010). A step forward: ethics education matters! . Journal of Business Ethics , 92 (4), 565-584. Stringer, L. (2006). The link between the quality of the supervisor-employee relationship and the level of the employee's job satisfaction. Public Organization , 6 (2), 125-142. APA formatting by
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