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Bibliography for Untitled_ 06_22_10, 08_37PM

Bibliography for Untitled_ 06_22_10, 08_37PM -...

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References MacFadyen, A. (2008). Poor data management is security threat to property industry. Property Week , 73 (22), 44. Metreweli, K. (2008). The invisible risk of poor data quality on change management. DM Review , 18 (6), 18. SmartStream Technologies - Account Reconciliation Management - FDE. (n.d.). FDE . Retrieved June 22, 2010, from http://www.the-
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Unformatted text preview: financedirector.com/contractors/cash-management/smartstream/ Stanley, L. L., & Wisner, J. D. (2007). Process Management: Creating Value Along the Supply Chain (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac®) (1 ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western College Pub. APA formatting by BibMe.org....
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