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felicianoISM 4021_5021 MIS Syllabus-F10

felicianoISM 4021_5021 MIS Syllabus-F10 - Rev Hodges...

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1 Rev. 8/15/10 Hodges Un i v er s i ty 4021/5021 Course Sy ll abus COURSE TITLE: Management Information Systems COURSE NUMBER: ISM 4021/5021 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Joe Feliciano OFFICE HOURS: By appointment Office: #334 Ft. Myers Telephone: Ft. Myers Campus 938-7802 E-mail: [email protected] HOURS CREDIT: 4 hours TERM & DATES: Fall 10: September 9 – December 22 COURSE MEETING: Online REQUIRED RESOURCES: Laudon & Laudon, Management Information Systems: Managing The Digital Firm , 11th Edition. Prentice-Hall., ISBN: 978-0-13-607846-3 Additional readings on topics of interest will be provided by instructor. COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of the analysis and application of information systems. Data, business information and knowledge management, hardware and software tools, and personnel issues are the central management considerations in this course of study. Prerequisites: None Student Learning Outcomes: As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: Understand business decision-making in corporations and public agencies at the executive, middle management, supervisory, and end user levels and the role that information technology plays in the process. Understand the strategic, tactical, and operational uses of information technology in business and public agencies and the role of information technology in achieving a competitive advantage.
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2 Rev. 8/15/10 Understand how to utilize spreadsheet, database, presentation, and personal productivity application software to solve business problems in both corporations and public agencies. Contribute to the development an information technology plan and actively participate in the development of an information technology project in both corporations and public agencies. Understand the key issues surrounding the use of information technology in most businesses and public agencies. Write an acceptable research assignment. Analyze information technology requirements for both corporations and public agencies. Note: Students will demonstrate achievement of course learning objectives by completion of written assignments, projects, discussion board participation and examinations. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS: Hodges University online courses utilize Blackboard. Students are required to take a Blackboard orientation prior to their first online course. The course will be completed online utilizing Blackboard. A proctored end of term exam will be required. STUDENT/FACULTY INTERACTION: Students will be expected to interact with the instructor and with the other students in the class on a weekly bas i s . There are specific assignments and discussion requirements each week that will be used to demonstrate this interaction. See the Assignments Schedule for details.
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felicianoISM 4021_5021 MIS Syllabus-F10 - Rev Hodges...

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