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ISM 5021 Attendance 1 - technology Persware is the entire...

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Attendance 1 Discuss the three elements of an information system (hardware, software and persware) that managers must consider. Which of the three do you consider the most important? Hardware is the physical component of the technology or tool that we use. It is tangible, concrete, and operable. Software can be defined as the computer programming and data that comprises the computer programs. To contrast hardware and software, hardware is a physical component while software is intangible. Persware is the human component of the information system or
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Unformatted text preview: technology. Persware is the entire three-dimensional human driver, thus the most important; without persware, there would be no hardware or software, there would be no development of more programming, faster hardware components, etc. Persware is what drives our information systems; it is the human component that determines where improvement is needed, what data to collect, what data to analyze, and how to analyze, quantify, and qualify the data collected....
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