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Adopting an enterprise application is a key BUSINESS decision as well as a technology decision. Do you agree? Why or why not? Who should make this decision? Adopting an enterprise application is indeed a key business decision. Choosing the correct software application for an organization has many benefits in the business arena and the technology arena. This is not merely a decision that an organization should make based on the technology for the sake of technology. This is a decision that should be based on how it can save the organization money and how it can increase the organization’s potential for productivity and output. I work in two different industries where an enterprise application is almost imperative to the success of our growing society and need for instant information. In the bail bond industry, we use a database that is linked to the insurance company that we are in business with; this insurance company has a network of agents that use and share the information that we collect about our clients. This sensitive information is available to
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