ISM 5021 Week 8 Attendance

ISM 5021 Week 8 Attendance - order to increase productivity...

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The internet and internet technology work to support communication and e-business by acting as a communication medium. The internet is a network of computers used to communicate between each other. The internet is a global system where many networks are connected in order to provide a continuous free flow of information. The internet carries a vast amount of resources for businesses, academic institutions, and individuals. It provides business value by allowing access to the free flow of information; business is able to be conducted globally through the internet; negotiation is allowed to take place and organizations can essentially run 24/7 operations through different time zones in
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Unformatted text preview: order to increase productivity and allow continuity of care throughout the supply chain. An IP address is a numerical label that is given to a computer or device that is involved in a computer’s network. The IP address is what is used to identify what the device is and where it is. The domain name is what identifies an IP resource such as a website (or what and where the site is hosted). The principal internet services include data transmission, data storage, business to business relationships are supported, payments are transmitted, blogs and wikis are supported. Information is interactive and accessible....
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