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ISM 5021 Week 9 Attendance

ISM 5021 Week 9 Attendance - challenge is allocation of the...

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Week 9 Attendance Enterprise systems help businesses achieve operational excellence by enhancing communication between all departments of an organization, up and down the supply chain, and between billing and service. The application software helps the user perform business functions that are integral in the functioning of the organization; this could include purchasing, receiving, billing, and communication between departments, customer service, and human resources. An enterprise system is a software application that is hosted on a server, allowing many departments and users to use the application simultaneously over a network in order to perform the duties needed in an organization to continue to run the operation smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. There are several challenges of enterprise applications. The first
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Unformatted text preview: challenge is allocation of the proper amount of monetary resources. The total cost of implementation is much more than just the sticker cost of the application software itself. Funds for training staff, hardware upgrades, database maintenance, and more must be considered in the selection phase of the application. Business processes will likely be changed to adapt to the new application; this will require input from the rank and file while training them to use the new application. The solution to any of the issues that the organization will run into while transitioning into a new enterprise application will require a tremendous amount of unwavering support from the executive leadership of the organization....
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ISM 5021 Week 9 Attendance - challenge is allocation of the...

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