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ISM week 6 attendance

ISM week 6 attendance - data warehousing an organization is...

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Business intelligence is a term that describes the process of information gathering in terms of analyzing data for business; the purpose is to arm the organization with better and more useful information in order to make more sound and intelligent business decisions and to refine current business processes. Business intelligence consists of several different tasks. The first is to gather the data required; today’s technology can efficiently and quickly gather necessary data. The second task is to analyze the data that has been collected. The third task is to use the newly gathered and analyzed data in order to improve business processes, and ultimately performance. Business intelligence relates to databases in regards to how the information is gathered, collected, and analyzed. Data warehousing and data mining are business intelligence gathering types/methods. With
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Unformatted text preview: data warehousing, an organization is able to spend much less time gathering the information to analyze. A data warehouse is able to hold current and historical data to help the decision makers of an organization; it consolidates and standardizes information across different databases throughout the firm. A good example of this type of technology is what the IRS uses; the IRS uses a compliance data warehouse. Data mining is used to discover patterns within data and organizational databases. One use of data mining for business intelligence is to gather customer data to identify profitable customers, profitable times of year, and other information that would be of use to an organization’s profitability and processes....
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