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MAN 6601 DB 1 - Hello everyone Hello Dr 4 Good to see...

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Hello, everyone. Hello, Dr. 4. Good to “see” everyone again, and nice to “meet” others I am a third semester MBA student and have taken several online classes in the past two semesters. I took a two year hiatus from my academic pursuits from 2007 to 2009 but have since taken the plunge into this program and I have found it to be a positive, rewarding, challenging, and enriching experience. I have a background in experimental and clinical psychology. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2004 from University of South Carolina, Coumbia in experimental psychology, then did some graduate work in clinical psychology at Barry University in 2007. I have some experience in the financial services field (the "appearance" business), as a bail bondsman. I maintain my license and appointment; the bail business can be quite lucrative. There may be a reality show in my future (j/k). Currently, I am a clinician with Lee Mental Health, Inc and work in Rieves
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  • Spring '10
  • kest
  • Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, academic pursuits, semester MBA student, financial services field, Rieves Resedential program

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