MAN 6601 DN01-3 - (Due 9/26) - For this exercise, please...

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(Due 9/26) - For this exercise, please find one article dealing with the current economic situation facing the United States and the world. The article may cover issues such as economic indicators, monetary policy, stock market, GDP issues, consumer confidence, retail sales, or any marketing related topic. The article may be from a journal, newspaper, magazine, etc. Assignment: 1) Provide the article in .pdf or a Word fileform as an attachment to this assignment. 2) Prepare an analysis of the article that includes: a) an overview, b) breakdown of the facts, c) impact on the economy, and d) your thoughts. (10 points) The article that I chose to review this week was “E-commerce takes off in Japan, Up and Away”. The article discusses the differences between e-commerce in the United States and Japan. In Japan e-commerce is essentially “new” and is taking off significantly, projected to grow at least 10% annually for the next five years. Japan is usually a technology trendsetter, but it seems that for many reasons, the Japanese have historically preferred to shop in-person and in-store. This may be heavily due to the ways that the Japanese use the internet and their mobile phones. They surf the internet on their phones while out and about, in lieu of the way it is done in the United States and other Western cultures, the computer is used at home, and cell phone internet usage did not become standard until recently. Also, one company has began to dominate the e- commerce sector in Japan: Rakuten. It is a company that has built a virtual shopping mall, like yahoo shopping, amazon, and ebay today. This has opened up another market in Japan and has the ability to impact many aspects of revenue in the economy and how business is done. Today e-commerce is something that is done everyday across the globe. In Japan,
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MAN 6601 DN01-3 - (Due 9/26) - For this exercise, please...

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