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MAN 6601 Research Proposal Brendan ONeal

MAN 6601 Research Proposal Brendan ONeal - (Due 9/26...

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(Due 9/26) - Identification of the Issue - (Research proposal): Each student will prepare a 12 to 20 page Double-Spaced (APA guidelines) research paper on an approved topic. The paper will cover an international management topic of your choice. For this class, each of you will write a research paper that is narrow and hopefully good enough for publication.. This proposal will be submitted during week 3 and will include a description of your intended research. This should be your problem or issue statement. Describe your topic and provide the hypothesis that you will research. Also, identify variables for analysis and your plan for this paper. This allows me to know that you are comfortable with the direction of the research. Describe the problem and key players. If completed correctly, this essay will become the first chapter of your research paper. (5 points) In this research I intend to explore several major trade agreements and compare and contrast their effectiveness. I will analyze the number of countries involved and what
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