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HODGES UNIVERSITY JOHNSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS GLOBAL DIMENSIONS OF MANAGEMENT ONLINE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE: Global Dimensions of Management COURSE NUMBER: GEB 6601 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Dr. Donald A. Forrer (239) 513-1122 e-mail: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS : By Appointment DISTANCE LEARNING: Director of Distance Learning – Prof Vanleeuwen Phone: (239) 482-0019 (800) 466-0019 E-Mail: [email protected] INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Donald A. Forrer - [email protected] Students with Blackboard technical questions should contact STUDENT HELP DESK – Phone: 866-293 3547 - E-mail: [email protected] INSTRUCTOR BIO: http://www.professorforrer.com HOURS CREDIT: Three (3) TERM DATES: Fall 2010 – September 9 th to December 22 nd , 2010 COURSE MEETING INFO: 15 Weeks -- Online REQUIRED RESOURCES: 1) Textbook (Required): Ball, McCulloch. (2010) International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition , 12th ed., McGraw-Hill Publishing. 2) IT Requirements: Each student must have access to the Internet and have a hodges.edu e- mail account. Additionally, each student must successfully complete the “My-HU-go Blackboard Orientation”. 3) (Optional) Smith, S. (n.d.). Hodges University Style Guide: Based on the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Retrieved from: http://hodges.libguides.com/data/files2/69078/Hodges%20University %20Style%20Guide%201.5.pdf COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is a study of the considerations and complexities of managing an organization in a 1
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global business arena. International opportunities and threats are studied within the context of the varying roles of international management as impacted by the differing legal, economic, cultural, ethical, and regulatory environments. Prerequisites: MAN 5055. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Evaluate an international management situation for special practices that depart from domestic scenarios. Students will demonstrate learning through preparation of learning exercises, participation in discussion boards that include analyses of cases and current global business situations incorporating insights from additional readings, and a master’s level evaluation in a research paper. 2. Recognize and effectively deal with cultural differences that are present in global interactions. Learners will demonstrate competency through contributions to discussion boards, incorporation of cultural factors into analyses of cases and current global business situations, and research into cultural factors appearing on discussion boards, learning exercises, and research assignments. 3. Evaluate special financial considerations dealing with exchange rates, raising capital, and economic barriers. Student learning will be measured by participation on discussion boards focused on case analyses and completion of learning exercises. 4. Successfully deal with issues of political, legal, and business practice differences in foreign countries and neutralize the constraints that attempt to block foreign relations and commerce. Students will demonstrate achievement of this learning objective through
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