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Brendan O’Neal MAN 6601 Fall 2010 Reflection As a third semester graduate student in the MBA program at Hodges University, I feel that the course, MAN 6601, was effective in encouraging learning in the arena of international business. The online format of the course was helpful because of the varying schedules that a busy professional adults carry. Throughout the course, the professor provided feedback and proctoring of the discussions that the online class participated in, while encouraging discussion between peers in the discussions board. It simulated the classroom well through the discussion board. As graduate students, we are required to continue to learn without prompting (this is not necessarily something that is learned at this point in our professional career, but it is exercised throughout the program) and this course encouraged the continuance of learning, seeking answers, critical thought, resource gathering, and effective communication. I feel that the course gave a good overview of topics in international business
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Unformatted text preview: while covering the core competencies that must be learned for an individual to excel in their workplace; cultural sensitivity and cultural competency are two areas that come to mind that are required in today’s workplace, whether the organization participates in international business or not. While encouraging these competencies, the course also was able to deliver to the student a good understanding of how the international trade environment operates while explaining varying aspects of investments, globalization, and how the global marketplace is able to operate across currency, and what part new and emerging technology plays in the delivery process of a global organization. The course was also able to deliver how to best manage an international organization while understanding organizational behavior and relating the course material to previous courses, especially in the context of LMX theory....
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2011 for the course MAN 6601 taught by Professor Kest during the Spring '10 term at Hodges University.

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ONealBrendan_FALL2010_MAN6601-Reflection - while covering...

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