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Management Processes: Overview Professor Don Forrer Management processes are simply the management policies and procedures that you use to ensure quality throughout your operation. The key to success is enforcement and management’s ability to motivate employees to follow the procedures willingly and with the betterment of the organization in mind. Motivating employees to be excited about what the company is doing can be accomplished in many ways. Every business should have a detailed policy and procedure manual to provide guidance to employees and remove any doubt as to how products or services are to be delivered. Even small businesses can use the management tools designed by theorists and big companies to increase productivity and improve morale. If employees believe in the company, they will work harder and talk favorably, both on and off the job. Figure 1 – 1 A Systems View Figure 1 – 1 demonstrates how the management system (I – P = O) is affected by virtually every field of management. Everything an organization does is dependent upon processes from every subsystem in the organization. This research is designed to describe the process of viewing the organization as a system and study the processes necessary to maintain your company at a high quality level. Figure 1 – 1 is a systems ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR STRATEGY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MEASUREMENT HUMAN RESOURCES CAPITAL REGULATORY/ POLITICAL TECHNOLOGY FEEDBACK I P O
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view of the organization. As you conduct research, the systems approach will paint the big picture and aid in maintaining processes that lead to productivity. Management processes are the policies and procedures that managers use to ensure the smooth functioning of every aspect of a company in a systematic manner. Processes are the quality control elements of the operation. Additionally, processes are extremely important to the fiscal well being of the organization. Managers cannot afford to ignore the processes that operate the company. Businesses must utilize detailed and enforceable policy and procedure manuals to provide guidance for employees and remove any doubt regarding expectations for the products or services provided by the company. Implementation of well defined processes and measurement to ensure compliance is the key to productivity. The business processes utilized by a company include everything from procedures for answering the phone to production of the product that defines the company. Everything a company accomplishes is governed by a policy or procedures requiring a process to complete. As an example, hiring the right personnel for a company requires a well thought out hiring process. This includes the application review, interview process, reference checks, testing, selection committee, and notification. Each of these processes must be executed consistently and correctly to ensure the best candidate is hired and the practice is fair and ethical. The future of the organization depends on these processes and this is just one
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5055-Week2 - Lecture_Processes_Design2007 - Management...

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