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Lecture: Six Sigma Professor Don Forrer There are several systems utilized by businesses around the country to reduced waste and improve customer service. A management system, no matter how it is packaged, is only a process to aid you in your daily functions. The main reason managers create systems such as the balanced scorecard or just in time production models is to create an emphasis on management and make employees aware of the needs of the company. Management systems also force managers to do their job because of the reporting process associated with successful models. One of the better management systems utilized today is Six Sigma. This system was developed by Motorola, perfected by General Electric, and utilized by many successful companies. Six sigma is simply a smarter method of management by emphasizing customer satisfaction, cycle time reduction, and elimination of defects in your product or service. This system is a business change and not merely just a quality change. To be successful using Sis Sigma, you must commit to an organizational change and have buy- in from the entire company. Six Sigma is a philosophy based on process improvement at every level, management
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5055-Week6_Lecture_SixSigma_Design2007 - Lecture: Six Sigma...

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