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Lecture: Operations Management Professor Don Forrer Strategic planning and implementation is critical to the success of any small business in southwest Florida. To this end, it is extremely important that managers pay close attention to the operational elements of the strategic plan. The quality tools utilized by business such as TQM, LEAN production, Six Sigma, ISO9000, and many others are tied to the operations strategy. It only makes sense that manager’s key in on operations when creating a strategic plan. Operations strategy is concerned with transformational processes that improve productivity by aiding the entire organization. We have discussed the holistic approach several times in this column and an operational strategy is paramount in a systems approach to management. Viewing the system as a whole will create synergy between the sub-systems and improve processes across the company. Operations strategy attempts to define the organization in relation to its environment by helping managers achieve long term goals in a dynamic workplace. Since strategic planning is ongoing, making company operations the center piece of your strategic plan allows for immediate change when the environment requires immediate action. An operations strategy is top down as decisions by higher management are placed into action quickly because the plan is fluid and reaction time is cut drastically. Operations strategy is a functional strategy similar to marketing or technology that, when integrated with the overall plan, enables managers to react to the competition. An operations strategy allows companies to react to innovation in the industry and maintain a competitive edge.
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5055-Week11_Lecture_OpsMgt_Design2007 - Lecture: Operations...

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